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Dear Volunteers,

The Saint Louis Sun 'Hybrid Homepage & Portal', its two internet radio stations and its three internet newspapers are supported by three all-volunteer orgainzations, which include the Saint Louis Ambassadors, U.S. Small Business Institute and the 1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation. 

To show our appreciation for the three groups and their 1,249 members we have listed their '37 Committees and Chairs' below as a quick reference guide on who to contact if you want to volunteer your time. We are powered by volunteers and could not support our St. Louis Bi-State Region without their involvement and support. 

Thanks goes to all of them for the past fifty years! 


Cicardi A. Bruce                                                                                     Richard T. Pisani
Chairman                                                                                                                                                           President

37 Committees and Chairs

(alphabetical order for all 3 organizations)

All meetings called by Committee Chair on an ‘as needed’ basis.

1)   Annual Holiday Event Committee – Joanie Bengston [[email protected]]
       -  plans our annual board member and guest holiday 'black tie optional' gala to thank and recognize individuals

2)   Archives Council – Rob Mitchell [[email protected]]
       -  archives photos of our events and places them in our 'Time Capsules' at Saint Louis University Archives

3)   Community Through Unity Council – Dr. Jim Logan [[email protected]]
       -  works with civic, business and political leaders to promote goodwill throughout the St. Louis Region

4)   Documentary Team – Ann Morrison [[email protected]
       -  producing a documentary about the '50th Anniversary' of the St. Louis Arch & Saint Louis Ambassadors

5)   E-Newsletter – Mark Johnson [[email protected]]
       - communicating updates to our members about events, projects and general information on a monthly basis

6)   Executive Board – Rich Pisani [[email protected]
       - individuals who act in an advisory capacity to give suggestions and advice to the officers of the organizations

7)   Executive Committee – Cicardi Bruce [[email protected]
       - individuals who act in an advisory capacity to give ideas, and advice to the Co-Founders of the organizations

8)   Finance Committee – Sean Clancy [[email protected]]

       - our Treasurer & Legal Counsel handles our income, expense and IRS responsibilities

9)   Golf Tournament Committee – Wayne Kaufman [[email protected]]
       - we give volunteer support to an annual golf tournament that funds the needs of Children & Veterans

10) Healthcare Council – Judy Bentley [[email protected]]
       - we give volunteer support to a free health care clinic in St. Louis that handles over 50K patients annually

11) I -net Newspapers Committee – David Sheets [[email protected]
       - we operate 3 newspapers that disseminates 'fresh news twice daily' to 967k e-contacts in the 46 LinkedIn groups 

12) I-net Radio Team – Mark Kasen [[email protected]]
       - we operate 2 radio stations that offers both live,talk radio and music as a complimentary benefit to our me mbers

13) Membership Committee – Cheri Otzenberger [[email protected]]
       - we gain and maintain members and help place them on the right committee 

14) Mentorship Committee – Cicardi Bruce [[email protected]]
       - we consult, coach and mentor both students and entrepreneurs

15) Officers – Rich Pisani [[email protected]]
       - we work with the leadership to gather ideas and advice to operate the organizations

16) People With Disabilities Council – Frank Meyer [[email protected]]
        -  we train people with disabilities to become volunteers in order to help others 

17) Political Affairs Council – Vicki Schneider [[email protected]]
       - we work with local, county and state officials on issues that affect our community 

18) Public Relations & Communications – John Parker [[email protected]]
       - we send out press releases on an 'as needed' basis to alert and solicit others help

19) Regional Affairs Council – Rick Stream [[email protected]]
       - we interface with community groups and supply volunteers in the St. Louis Region

20) Racial Equality Council – TR Carr [[email protected]]
       - we work with local groups that are continually trying to 'ease racial tensions'

21) Scholarship Committee – Tom Ousley [[email protected]]
       - we work with high school seniors on scholarship funds so they can progress to college

22) Sister Cities Council – Sam Solomon [[email protected]]
       - we work with the local council to address issues in our fifteen St. Louis Sister Cities

23) Small Business Council – Rich Pisani [[email protected]]
       - we consult, coach and mentor small businesses at no charge

24) Small Business Support Group – Andrew Armstrong [[email protected]]
       - we work with businesses thru our SBA 'SCORE' support program for business owners

25) Small Business Funding – Dennis Melton [[email protected]]
       - we work with small businesses on their start-up funding and continued capital needs

26) Small Business Development – Ralph Turney [[email protected]]
       - we work with business owners to help them with their 'entry and exit strategies'

27) Small Business Planning Team – Dr. Jerome Katz [[email protected]]
       - we help create short and long term business plans for the success of the company

28) Small Business Expansion Group – Dick Mueller [[email protected]]
       - we discuss the possibility of expanding your firm by franchising

29) Small Business Coaching – Barry Cervantes [[email protected]]

       - we offer business coaching to upper level executives and owners of small businesses

30) Social Media Team – Joel Kirk [[email protected]]
       - we show charities and businesses how to use social media to market their organization

31) Speakers Bureau – Cicardi Bruce [[email protected]]
       - we make presentations to local organizations on important events and topics 

32) Special Events Committee – Fran Capra [[email protected]]
       - we handle the planning and execution of special events for our three groups

33) Time Capsule Committee – John Walsh [[email protected]]
       - we have 'Time Capsules' with items secured in the Saint Louis University Archives Dept. 

34) Under Forty Org & Young Ambassadors – Rachel Boone [[email protected]]
       - we encourage professionals under 40 to join one of our committees to support St. Louis

35) Veteran’s Affairs Committee – Wayne Kaufman [[email protected]]
       - we support Veteran's groups and those who have 'kept our country free'

36) Website Development Team – Rich Pisani [[email protected]]
       - we solicit ideas to continually improve our three organizations websites

37) Weekly Networking Group – Rich Pisani [[email protected]]
       - we have been meeting every Monday to help each other in the charity and business