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We are members of 46 LinkedIn groups, plus Google+, Twitter, Facebook 

and have our own columnists e-lists and

post 'fresh news twice daily' to 

967,794 e-contacts!


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  The Saint Louis Sun and The Trinity Tribune digital publications posts to over 967K e-contacts with 'fresh news twice daily.' We are able to reach the world like this because of our memberships in 46 LinkedIn groups and Google+, Twitter, Facebook and our columnists email lists. 

  We have an average 'open rate' of approximately 21.9%, but cannot verify how many unintentionally open our publication or how deep an individual reads each issue that is intentionally opened. Most people purchase a newspaper or read it online in order to review a few personal 'topics of interest,' such as local, national or global 'Breaking News, Politics, Religion, Sports, Obituaries,' etc. The readers typically look for 'eye catching' headlines, look at interesting photos and read the first paragraph. However,  many will not necessarily 'read deep' unless the story personally affects them, their family, friends, school, church, charity, city or company. So, we will not estimate the individuals 'average deep-reading patterns' and cannot verify if they will review an advertisers message.

  Thank you for your support of our publications. Stay tuned - as the announcers state on radio and television - for our new Ferguson/USA 'Hot Talk Radio' station that is opening a satellite office in the Greater St. Mark Family Church in Ferguson, MO in the Spring of 2015 to show support and to help the Ferguson Commission 'ease racial tensions' with their 'STL Positive Change' plan. We will be asking for individuals who 'want to be heard locally, nationally and around the world from Ferguson, MO' and the to contact us to set up a time to be a a guest on our new talk show with Mark Kasen and his team of talk-radio colleagues. Mark has over 25 years in radio and television as 'talk show host' and knows how to ask relevant questions, listen intently to the guests answers and get the public to 'call in' to chat with him and his guests. Currently, Mark can be watched on ABC KDNL-TV 30 News, so 'stay tuned!' 

Richard T. Pisani
WFRG: President & COO
Ferguson/USA 'Hot Talk Radio'